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I believe learning to play the piano should be fun! A lesson should be enjoyable, as should practicing.  When learning to play the piano is fun, students are more motivated to practice on their own. Piano teachers should enhance and build on a student's enthusiasm for music, rather than turn practicing into a chore.  Of course, there are elements of learning piano - just like learning any new skill - that may require discipline and rote practice, but those should be balanced with the joy of learning and playing music.



Because each student has different musical strengths and backgrounds, I tailor my lessons to each individual student. 


I teach my students technical skills such as technique, music theory, sight reading, and ear training and also introduce them to different musical genres including classical, pop, jazz, and blues.  For those who are interested and/or ready, we may also study musical composition. 


I work with each student to develop a repertoire of pieces he or she enjoys playing.



Born in South Korea, Sun Kim started playing the piano when she was only 5 years old. While she was training to become a classical pianist, early on she was introduced to Thelonious Monk and Keith Jarrett, which became a huge impact and inspiration for her to start playing jazz music. After, she was invited by Berklee College of Music in Boston as a scholarship student. She has obtained a bachelor's degree from Berklee and a master's degree from New York University for Jazz Piano Performance and Composition. She was then appointed at NYU as an adjunct professor for two years. Sun has also worked at the Piano School of NYC and the Seoul Music Academy and taught group piano classes at many public schools as a part of an after-school program in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She has performed in various places in New York and Boston, as well as jazz festivals abroad. She has been a leader of a jazz piano trio and has been writing her own compositions. She has also written music for South Korean television commercials and documentary films. She has been a member of the Steinway Educational Partnership since 2012. Currently, Sun focuses on inspiring and teaching private pupils, of all ages and levels.

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